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As I can still see some various people going along with OHSystem, on this repository: https://github.com/OHSystem/OHSystem I want to clarify up some parts on this, why it is not recommend to even think about using it.

  1. There has not been any active development for almost 2 years now
  2. The bot is awful, the public bot is even older than the private one and even the private one is shit. It has many tweaks and leaks on RAM, CPU overuse and stuff like that.
  3. The statspage has many errors, architectural failures and design issues, any other bot besides the given OHSBot on the repo is not compatible to the page without prior modifications
  4. No active support is provided

For the current period of time I either recommend using no statspage or wait a bit. I will release in some weeks a new statspage based on symfony as this is at least providing a stable archtiecture. More information will be given over the time. I do consider providing SSO bridges for common boards. An easier approach today is using IPS-Stats from this repository:

It is using currently the invisionpower.com framework as base and is not yet completed and still active in development. This does require the IPS Suite.

I will release more information on the new statspage with further development. However, it will be heavily based on front end and live interactions.


Best Regards,

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34 minutes ago, Agree said:

How long approx, for that?

~ 2 - 3 weeks, I'm still collecting up some stuff generally.

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