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  1. Can this be installed on Windows?

    Hey, Actually, no. Because it is built for Linux. But if you are using windows 10 you can install Ubuntu bash shell on windows. By doing this you can run bot simply.
  2. [War3] 1.28.3

    Actually, It is now updated to 1.28.4
  3. Upload default.cfg and language.cfg

    When would you release full config files ? I am waiting for it.
  4. How can I make someone admin ?

    What should I insert into server column for lan ? I think this bot is optimized for connections !
  5. Cannot join lobby

    after above, bot put me into blacklist: rejected connection from [] due to blacklist After 3 4 minunte of blocking and unblocking it allow me to join the game. This problem does not solve yet even without wc3connect. To not that my computer IP address from bot broadcast config and probably I think it is fine because I did this on OHSystem and it was working fine.
  6. How can I make someone admin ?

    I don't know exactly how to run IPS-Status, I've just setup database there but running games does not show anything.
  7. How can I make someone admin ?

    Hi, How can I make someone admin ?
  8. Warcraft 3 1.28.1 Released

    What happened to 1.28.1 update ? Blizzard post has been removed.
  9. Cannot join lobby

    How does an out of date applet support 1.28 but not 1.27 or 1.26 ? Currently I'm using this BTW, I have the first problem even without wc3connect. It doesn't allow me to join the lobby, but after trying so many times it blocks and after unblocking after 1 minute I am able to join.
  10. Cannot join lobby

    Is there anywhere which I can download EntConnect ?
  11. Cannot join lobby

    I'm using wc3connect from your respository. By default wc3connect uses 1.26 I changed that to 1.27 and this happened I think. when it was 1.26 I had first issue but when I tried a few times I could connect to lobby and GProxy worked fine
  12. Cannot join lobby

    and sometimes this error instead of 'has lost the connection': [GAME: Iran DotA #1] deleting player [amir.operator]: was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++
  13. Cannot join lobby

    I've ran bot and when want join lobby this is the result of bot: [STATSDOTA] using dota stats [GameThread] Made new game thread [DENY] Denying connections from for 1000 milliseconds: user connected [DENY] Kicking player: REQJOIN not received within five seconds [DENY] Denying connections from for 60000 milliseconds: REQJOIN not received within five seconds and after trying more than 10 times and a few minutes, finally I could join. and when it removes me from blacklist and I can join lobby, bot kicks me immediately and this is result: [GAME: Iran DotA #1] player [amir.operator|] joining from EntConnect; skey=512550860 [GAME: Iran DotA #1] player [amir.operator|] joined the game [GAME: Iran DotA #1] player [amir.operator] is using GProxy++ [TCPSOCKET] closed by remote host [DENY] Denying connections from for 60000 milliseconds: connection closed [GAME: Iran DotA #1] deleting player [amir.operator]: has lost the connection (connection closed by remote host) To note that I'm using Wc3Connect to join lobbies. What causes to happen this thing ?
  14. Need fix errors!

    If you are using Windows 10 install windows bash shell and then install bot otherwise you can install Debian or Ubuntu on a virtual machine then use bot
  15. Bot Database

    It is not complete some tables are missing