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  1. Battle.net is killing communities

    @GriefCode Make a launcher.
  2. Import sql for install bot: error #1071

    Need mysql-server 5.7
  3. Updates to repository

    How to download?
  4. Updates to repository

    @GriefCode Latest versions? Stats 1.2?
  5. What's this?

    What's this?
  6. Announce not work!!!

  7. Announce not work!!!

  8. theme

    @GriefCode Oblivion theme
  9. theme

    Give please.
  10. Single game not work

    Oh, you the best )
  11. Single game not work

    @GriefCode Give please tasks dotaScore.php from IPS-Stats 1.2
  12. Bot Database

    config missing. https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefNetwork-Bot/blob/master/stats.sql
  13. Single game not work

    @GriefCode When is 1.2?
  14. Single game not work

    @GriefCode I run update_dota_elo for insert to stats_scored_games. Apicaliption not work.
  15. Add please autoban config

    Hello. Latest version missing autoban config, please add...