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  1. Need fix errors!

    people compile bot for windows just for test, not for use
  2. Need fix errors!

    i got next error: when compiling, bind(...) used from std namespace as std::bind (and got error) , i just replace bind to ::bind after this i got error in stormlibras.lib , for fix download latest version and build new stormlibras.lib after this i got error : latest stormlib required 5 args in SFileReadFile , 5 is NULL after fix, bot compiled in windows Need fix in bot code! ( add support latest stormlib and replace bind to ::bind or remove "using namespace std" )
  3. execinfo.h missing!

    i remove this file from includes...
  4. execinfo.h missing!

    I found GeoIP files, but now got new error: no execinfo.h file found. How to fix it?
  5. HostNameInfo error C2027

    very hard to add windows support ?
  6. For example, this is can be used for receive some info from bot to map. I just want to know whether it can be done or not, I do not suggest adding it to the bot
  7. it is possible or not? ( simulate send gamecache data back for map )
  8. statsdota.cpp::ProcessAction Bot can read info from players. ( map send it from JASS code using gamecache ) Bot can send custom data for all players ? ( for example for using in ghost<->jasscode protocol )
  9. ghost bot read data from players, but possible to add feature for send data to another players ? for example: send gamecache (in dota 'dr.x') data to all players
  10. Multihost lobby ?

    Okay....:( GriefNetwork-Bot can join to another servers as independent bot? (You can add multilobby support ?) (one bot, join for multiple bnet accounts, and host multiple games in lobby as independent bot) - (one game for one account)
  11. HostNameInfo error C2027

    I try to build bot for Windows OS and got this error: deque(986): error C2027: 2>c:\projects\pvpgn-magic\bobobot\ghost\ghost.h(59): note:"HostNameInfo" (Using an Undefined Type "HostNameInfo") Possible to fix it ?
  12. Multihost lobby ?

    Iccup, rgc, garena, china servers,( + other servers: http://track.pvpgn.org ) ... Do you think on official servers players bigger than on unofficial server?
  13. Multihost lobby ?

    New blizzard patches always fails (broke maps, desync, etc), may be you can stop support official servers ?))) most stable patch is 1.26a
  14. GeoIP.h missing!

    How to download GeoIP.h file for Windows OS ?