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  1. update elo error

    update_dota_elo is not compatible with grief host bot ?
  2. update_dota_elo for what map ??

    all will works only from web server ? at this time i inject update_dote_elo code to pvpgn server and can direct write stats and messages to players after remove elo support, this can not be possibled ? (no alternatives for IPS Stats for c++ ? )
  3. https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost/blob/master/update_dota_elo/update_dota_elo.cpp How does this work? Is it exactly compatible with the bot or not?
  4. saveType... Incredible trash in code:))))

    impossible ? Now bot support maps only those who are written in code. (For add new map, need always edit code)
  5. Hello, Grief, please fix this code: https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost/blob/master/ghostdbmysql.cpp#L1748 https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost/blob/master/ghostdbmysql.cpp#L1785 https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost/blob/master/ghostdbmysql.cpp#L1816 Please make saveType - universal —> use saveType as ... prefix! for example : string table = "stats_dotagames"; if( saveType == "dota_solomm" ) table = "stats_dotagames_solomm"; else if( saveType == "lod" ) table = "lodgames"; else if( saveType == "dota2" ) table = "dota2games"; else if( saveType == "eihl" ) table = "eihlgames"; else if( saveType == "uxtourney" ) table = "uxtourney_res_dotagames"; replace to string table = saveType + "_games"; // (use saveType as prefix for make it universal!! ) and string table = "stats_dotaplayers"; if( saveType == "dota_solomm" ) table = "stats_dotaplayers_solomm"; else if( saveType == "lod" ) table = "lodplayers"; else if( saveType == "dota2" ) table = "dota2players"; else if( saveType == "eihl" ) table = "eihlplayers"; else if( saveType == "uxtourney" ) table = "uxtourney_res_dotaplayers"; to string table = saveType + "_players"; ... etc... P.S and why update_dota_elo support only default stats_dota ? (not support other tables) You can fix it ?
  6. Error SQL query: ALTER TABLE `stats_admins` ADD PRIMARY KEY (`id`), ADD UNIQUE KEY `botid` (` botid`, `name`,` server`) MySQL Response: Documentation # 1071 - The specified key is too long. The maximum length of the key is 767 bytes This is critical error ? Possible to fix?
  7. Single bot with multiple configs ?

    I use ghost for Windows only for test ( for fast build and run in real time ) in Unix it just impossible (need more time for build and run) For what need support multiple configurations ? Possible use one ghost bot instance for host multiple games with multiple accounts at multiple servers, etc In my case it need for run single bot multiple at same server with multiple accounts. (multiple bot at same server) But i don't know why i got error when ghost works in multiple threads. (works but very unstable and allways crash)
  8. Is it difficult to make bot that supports multiple configuration files? (Multithreading) For example, in the config: bot_multithread_configs = "bot1.cfg,bot2.cfg,bot3.cfg ..." // for example with limit 20 threads For every config file, bot start new instance. It would be convenient and frugally, is it possible to do this? I've tried to do this before, but I allways got errors in various places in the code. Fixed several but did not manage to fix all the errors. Can to You will lucky more?
  9. Need fix errors!

    people compile bot for windows just for test, not for use
  10. Need fix errors!

    i got next error: when compiling, bind(...) used from std namespace as std::bind (and got error) , i just replace bind to ::bind after this i got error in stormlibras.lib , for fix download latest version and build new stormlibras.lib after this i got error : latest stormlib required 5 args in SFileReadFile , 5 is NULL after fix, bot compiled in windows Need fix in bot code! ( add support latest stormlib and replace bind to ::bind or remove "using namespace std" )
  11. execinfo.h missing!

    i remove this file from includes...
  12. execinfo.h missing!

    I found GeoIP files, but now got new error: no execinfo.h file found. How to fix it?
  13. HostNameInfo error C2027

    very hard to add windows support ?
  14. For example, this is can be used for receive some info from bot to map. I just want to know whether it can be done or not, I do not suggest adding it to the bot