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  1. Error on Ubuntu 16.04

    The path is not correct, else it would be readable. My config is on the ghostpp repo: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/W3IO/repos/ghostpp/browse/default.cfg Greetings
  2. Error on Ubuntu 16.04

    Guess this is clear, isn't it?
  3. IPS Stats

    Yes, it should work. Can be possible that some functions are not working. Greetings
  4. Recommend Bot Specs

    Hey processor sounds good, ram with 2GB is fine internet speed is good 40Gb should are enough Greetings
  5. [War3] 1.28.3

    Yea... Released two version in 12 hours
  6. Same Error

    No worries, these both issues are the next priority task for me: Greetings
  7. update elo error

    Please link me the database game again, it appears to be gone. Simple upload it here on the forum. Thanks
  8. Same Error

    This is related to the other error you have posted, I will solve it this weekend for sure. Greetings
  9. Same Error

    Upgrade to 5.7 5.6 is slow and outdated.
  10. Same Error

    Please let me know your distribution and your mysql version. Greetings
  11. [War3] 1.28.3

    The war3.exe has been removed with the update. Just use the WarcraftIII.exe and rename it to war3.exe. I will change the bot code to use the WarcraftIII.exe for the future. Greetings
  12. update elo error

    Thanks, I will look into that as soon as I have the time, it could take until the weekend, i am not too sure about it. Greetings
  13. update elo error

    Hey, can you give me the database set for the game that is failing? I would need to take a look into it. Thanks, Grief
  14. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20756885804
  15. Ghost ++ vps

    This does depend on the amount of bots you are planing to run. How many do you think you would run? And what type of ghosts? I mean which repository? Greetings