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  1. Error compiling the bot

    Sorry i don't get your question. You need to setup everything after it yourself, I didn't write any further documentation on this yet. Greetings
  2. Github down

    Sorry for the delay. It is now public accessable: Greetings
  3. Error compiling the bot

    Please follow this guide: I do not provide any support aside Ubuntu. I will add soon my docker container as this makes stuff a lot easier.
  4. You cannot autohost private games afaik, you would need to check the botcode for that and find the position where the private game is created and may find a difference in the autohost code.
  5. Github down

    I will have a repository soon up on bitbucket for that, sorry for the delay.
  6. New statspage

    Once it is released I will share it. However, it will have a strict system of licensing. I will have an open source version, but it will be the typical 08/15 statspage you know allover. I'm not sure if that repository will even include my enhancements in term of speed. There will be a private repository for people who have registered and verified their site against my system. The whole files are fully encoded with ioncube as well. The reason overall is pretty simple, users who are removing copyright notices will be removed from the pool and miss out future updates & bug fixes. There are too many pages that have simply removed notices and claim that they have done the work on their own, this won't be possible in the near future if you want to have the best page Greetings
  7. I want to show my game list on my site.

    Hey, I've never worked with WP yet, but it appears to be straight forward. What is the issue with the code? Greetings
  8. New statspage

    Hey, as the IPS-Stats does not find a lot of follower and still the most common question is after a good statspage, I have started a side project. An informative good and fast statspage. Even under my dev tools it is rapidly fast, as i do not want to copy allover my texts, feel free to learn more about it here: Greetings
  9. bitbucket , github
  10. Can you give me the whole log from startup?
  11. Thanks for noticing it, i was in the transition to move anyway most stuff. I have updated the link: Greetings
  12. Please make sure you have followed this documentation in order to setup your bot:
  13. That is a wrong ghost, it is not my bot. This is the support category for GriefHost, so this repository: The add admin option has been removed from my bot. So when you have that issue, it clearly says that you are not using my bot, please use the category "Other" then for support. Thanks.
  14. I got one: Not sure what file you used now.
  15. Ghost++ Error

    Post the error log please.