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  1. How to install IPS?

    You first need IPS: https://invisionpower.com/ IPSStats is working with the framework provided with the suite. Once you have the forum/suite you can simply install it as application. Greetings
  2. How can I make someone admin ?

    You require IPS for that, this is the forum software, as example this one. But that has a license fee which is not that small. An option is using the addadmin command: https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost/blob/df02961d6e5e1a7664f926d7275b03b2ff9f58bb/bnet.cpp#L1264 Or directly on the database: stats_admin would be the table for it By manual insert, please take care that you only use lower letters for the name. Greetings
  3. How can I make someone admin ?

    Where? Do you use IPS-Stats?
  4. Updates to repository

    No it is not ready yet: I'm currently unsure if the game overlay will be even included into the IPS-Stats 1.2. I will decide that after I have finished up the sprint. Greetings
  5. Updates to repository

    Hey followers, for personal preferences and maintenance I've decided to host my own bitbucket server to keep track of daily changes. This does not affect my public repositories at all. It is just more secure pushing and updating daily my changes instead of once when a patch has been finished. As I do not want to provide support in terms of "something is not workin" & the one actually pulled the dev branch, I will not use branches. Here is a list of all repositories and where to find them (not all are might yet public, as they are not created): IPS-Stats Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-Stats Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/IPS/repos/ips-stats/browse IPS-ServerConsole Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-ServerConsole Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/IPS/repos/ips-serverconsole/browse GriefHost Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/WC3/repos/griefhost/browse The list will be continued as more projects will be released soon. If anyone thinks I got private repositories for the one above listed applications, he is wrong. We are using the public repositories for https://dota.vision/! Greetings
  6. Improve DB

    I'm sorry, I won't do that as: It would require me to manage ressources, why should I do that when a framework is given already? It is the recommend way of adding ressources accross the forum It would not be cached correctly, which will decrease the loading speed And tbh: "The DB size is greatly increased", actually 8Mi is causing an issue for your database server? After around 20 games you have reached nearly the same space accross the database Greetings
  7. What's this?

    This does happen when the game is loading for some players and not all are finished yet. Sometimes, warcraft3 already send a packet to notify the player has finished loading the map. This is ignored and can be marked as invalid as it was done there. Greetings
  8. Announce not work!!!

    Will be fixed this weekend, I've already noted that. It either spams down until the application is getting killed by the system or it crashes instantly
  9. theme

    Can't as it is not 4.2 ready yet.
  10. IPS 4.2

    I'm proud to announce that we have just upgraded to IPS 4.2. A lot new featurs and improvements will come with that add on
  11. Cannot join lobby

    As said in the PM already now. I do not provide support for wc3connect for 3 reasons: I do not have written EntConnect or War3Connect It is too dangerous as there can be easily added exploits and things can be injected, this is why chrome blocked it. It has a reason! I do not use it myself It appears also that entconnect is also no longer working for 1.28.X, so it has come to an end, finally. Greetings
  12. Cannot join lobby

    EntConnect is the same. The current warcraft version is 1.28, so you should go with 28 i think.
  13. Cannot join lobby

    You are using EntConnect or wc3connect, I think there is a version compaitiblity issue on that. Caused by warcraft 1.28 maybe, did you check the config from warcraft3? Greetings
  14. Need fix errors!

    I won't change the code for windows, I told you now three times already that I do not support windows. If people try to run their bot on windows they can, but I do not want to deal with it as the support is too timeconsuming.
  15. You cannot send any info from the bot to the map. Only the map can send data to the bot. I hope that does answere your question.