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    This is related to the other error you have posted, I will solve it this weekend for sure. Greetings
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    I'm usting https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost I do not use anything different
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    You need to install the GeoIP library, so you could compile. you may install it with: yum install libgeoip-devel
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    I'm proud to announce that we have just upgraded to IPS 4.2. A lot new featurs and improvements will come with that add on
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    Hello grief. ─░nstall succesfull sharedstats patch. But update_dota_elo.exe running wrong. And new player [] unknown.
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    No, I will not port it to c++. I've planned to create after IPS Stats 1.4 a Symfony Bundle as webinterface as managementtool for bots/stats etc, which also has the task integrated. It can be easy ported to the new location as I made it abstract overall.