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    This blog article will describe my thoughts on the current autoban system and steps to enhance it. At the end we will try to provide a better autoban system, that is: Easy to configure Easy to understand Easy to use For archiving that, we need to take care of the current situation and issues. For being more specific in the further text, the grace time is set to 3 minutes. Current known issues: The bans are not directly executed, that is due to the grace time. We allow people to leave within a grace time until a game ends. The ban length is too low What do we want to archive? Dynamic ban length, based on previous bans, potentional leavers & player stats, therefore we need a good algorithm to determine the situation Direct bans, without delay, the previous algorithm can help in first way and additional ingame stats can be measuered when a game potentionally will be finished and indicate if the gracetime is close or not Blocking from newer lobbies until a game has been finished, once the game has been finished and the leave was within the gracetime, we prioritize the players that left in the gracetime Let's collect up the points and how this could be solved. Dynamic ban length The ban length is based on the player stats and its percentage of leaving in previous games. The minimum and maximum ban length can be defined in the config as well as steps between it. For now, we will split it up in 5 ban lengths. As example take: 12 hours 1 day 3 days 7 day 14 days The ban length assigned to a player underlays certain conditions to be summed up togethere: A player leaves within 5 minutes into the game Immidiatly banned on 5th step. That does mean 14 days, we do not take care of any other conditions. The reason for that is, if you join a game, you should know the measure of time a game takes. In our games the common time for a game is around 40 minutes. If for any reason there was an issue which caused the leave, he can still appeal. The same rule applies to any other leaver within the first 5 minutes, except the game has been drawn (2 leavers within the 5 minutes) < 5 games on the bot, no leave The player is immediately banned after leaving the game for the 4th punishment step. Which in our example means 7 days. < 5 games on the bot, 1 or more leaves The player is immediately banned after leaving the game for the 5th punishment step. Which in our example means 14 days. < 10 games on the bot, no leave The player is immediately banned after leaving the game for the 3rd punishment step. Which in our example means 3 days. < 10 games on the bot, 1 leave The player is immediately banned after leaving the game for the 4th punishment step. Which in our example means 7 days. < 10 games on the bot, 1 or more leaves The player is immediately banned after leaving the game for the 5th punishment step. Which in our example means 14 days. At the point over 10 games wer are switching to a caluated leave percentage. That does mean each game where the player did not stay until the game has been finished (- grace time) is counted as a leave. > 10 games, > 98% leave Nothing, the player wont be banned > 10 games, > 94% leave The player is banned for the 1st step, that means in our example 12 hours > 10 games, > 90% leave The player is banned for the 2nd step, that means in our example 1 day > 10 games, > 80% leave The player is banned for the 3rd step, that means in our example 3 days > 10 games, > 75% leave The player is banned for the 4th step, that means in our example 7 days > 10 games, > 70% leave The player is banned for the 5th step, that means in our example 14 days Generally, a player is not banned on a disconnect. However, if it appears to be unnatural, a disconnect is counted as leave. Unnatural does mean when someone is disconnecting on more of 10% if his games. If a player is known having issues with disconnects, he can request to be whitelisted. However, as soon as an abuse is detected on that, he will be permanently banned from the system. As previous defined, some players are not directly banned, that is commonly everyone with 10 games+. The following algorithm will describe wethere a player is now directly banned or only blocked for a periodic time. Direct ban (XOR): No rax was killed No one is currently forfeiting the game The game time is lower than 40 minutes Blocking (XOR): Any rax has been killed At least one or more is currently forfeiting the game The game time is longer than 40 minutes Blocking will redirect the player to a virtual lobby which will notify him on the current situation. However, if someone was blocked and tried to join the game, he should not be punished too hard. As redemption, we will prioritize him and grant him a reserved slot for one more game, that does mean 2 times a reserved slot. If a player is blocked and the grace time expiry, the block is converted to a ban. Overall the whole system can prevent people from joining new lobbies when they should be banned. For that we will announce that people should stay till the end. If they leave earlier and are being blocked it will be their fault. At least, we will have a redemption attemp for that case. For having all the above said to get working, there are some modifications to the bot required which will follow the next days. The blog will be updated with more information and further handling. Regards, Grief
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    IPS-Stats Warcraft III Stats Integration to invisionpower.com forum software
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    Hey guys, I'm happy to announce that the bot is allowed to public include the extended reconnection system which will be open sourced by that (only the integration of the protocol, not the dll file) From this time on, I will no longer recommend ent-ghost as recommendation as this is going to be outdated with this implementation. Greetings, Grief
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    As I can still see some various people going along with OHSystem, on this repository: https://github.com/OHSystem/OHSystem I want to clarify up some parts on this, why it is not recommend to even think about using it. There has not been any active development for almost 2 years now The bot is awful, the public bot is even older than the private one and even the private one is shit. It has many tweaks and leaks on RAM, CPU overuse and stuff like that. The statspage has many errors, architectural failures and design issues, any other bot besides the given OHSBot on the repo is not compatible to the page without prior modifications No active support is provided For the current period of time I either recommend using no statspage or wait a bit. I will release in some weeks a new statspage based on symfony as this is at least providing a stable archtiecture. More information will be given over the time. I do consider providing SSO bridges for common boards. An easier approach today is using IPS-Stats from this repository: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-Stats It is using currently the invisionpower.com framework as base and is not yet completed and still active in development. This does require the IPS Suite. I will release more information on the new statspage with further development. However, it will be heavily based on front end and live interactions. Best Regards, Grief
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    Not all exactly. Anyway wanted to create a repository for all settings and stuff, will be anyway just a matter of time until i move it to the database
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    Hey folks, we have switched the design and the domain for this forum as I do have other plans for the ohsystem.net domain. This forum will be getting more activity very soon with an upcoming project. Greetings, Grief
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    Hey followers, for personal preferences and maintenance I've decided to host my own bitbucket server to keep track of daily changes. This does not affect my public repositories at all. It is just more secure pushing and updating daily my changes instead of once when a patch has been finished. As I do not want to provide support in terms of "something is not workin" & the one actually pulled the dev branch, I will not use branches. Here is a list of all repositories and where to find them (not all are might yet public, as they are not created): IPS-Stats Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-Stats Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/IPS/repos/ips-stats/browse IPS-ServerConsole Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/IPS-ServerConsole Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/IPS/repos/ips-serverconsole/browse GriefHost Public: https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefHost Developer: https://bitbucket.griefco.de/projects/WC3/repos/griefhost/browse The list will be continued as more projects will be released soon. If anyone thinks I got private repositories for the one above listed applications, he is wrong. We are using the public repositories for https://dota.vision/! Greetings
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    This does happen when the game is loading for some players and not all are finished yet. Sometimes, warcraft3 already send a packet to notify the player has finished loading the map. This is ignored and can be marked as invalid as it was done there. Greetings
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    I'm proud to announce that we have just upgraded to IPS 4.2. A lot new featurs and improvements will come with that add on
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    this is amazing for LOD ! Good job Sir
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    there is 1.28.2 right now :https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20754635264
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    You cannot send any info from the bot to the map. Only the map can send data to the bot. I hope that does answere your question.
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    This would require an implementation to host multiply lobbies at once, however, the current bot cannot do that. I think there isn't also any bot out there open sourced that is able to manage hosting more than one game. The patch is really risky at some point as it keeps the bot persiting in the gamelist, which commonly can result into a ban after some period of time. This is why rehosting is added to most of the bots. Greetings & Welcome, Grief
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    I'm still working on getting stuff ready. But very soon it is done. I just need to collect some more data and display them correctly. As small preview I got this: I managed to parse player skills & items at any time. Yey You can already view it here: https://dev_community.griefco.de/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=leagueGames However, some games have missing data, i'm working right now on fixing it. Commonly some images are missing and attribute bonuses are not visible.
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    It will not help as it will not parse the stats for you It is a new task script. It is no longer depending on all the old tables, it does only work with 4 tables and this is gameplayers, dotaplayers, games & dotagames. I will release it in the repo once it is done & finished. But I will not provide support until I have officially released it. Greetings
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    I have really not an idea yet as I need to check further the new stats script. So far the results are pretty good, a small preview: https://dev_community.griefco.de/index.php?app=sharedstats&module=stats&controller=leagueGames You can see within the list the win percentages for a team. if you look up a game you can see the 3rd last numbers, the first is the rate of the player, the second is the score change and the third is simply the leavetime. Current noted issues: Denies are counted too much Draws should not be scored And the whole system is using the new storage version, you cannot note it there as it is a dev environment, but the loading time is rapidly fast. I'm still looking for a solution getting the gamelogs as well into it. As I have collected up 90,000,000 entries already Greetings
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    config missing. https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefNetwork-Bot/blob/master/stats.sql
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    Hey, I just thought I should share some information I recently made on storing the game data, especially for DotA games in a better way to have it: Better accessible, not across 4 different tables. & having at least 2 queries Faster Lower disk usages for database servers & maybe some more So let's start up on getting into details. The current situation is that our data is stored across 6 tables: dotaplayers gameplayer games dotagames gameevents gamechatevents This is all currently merged and selected when we want to get the data of one game. The first step would be to merge 4 major tables: dotaplayers gameplayer games dotagames The solution is pretty simple. Since MySQL 5.7 JSON is supported which is perfect for this solution, we can just put each player or all players into one column and store them there. dotagames & games can be easily merged and would not be a big deal. A player database set could look like this for now: { "2k":3, "3k":0, "4k":0, "5k":0, "gain":23.915174363808, "gold":1924, "hero":"EC77", "name":"eliteshadow", "items":[ "I0P1", "I08O", "I05Y", "I09H", "I095", "I0AI" ], "kills":15, "level":18, "realm":"europe.battle.net", "colour":1, "deaths":0, "assists":6, "firstdead":0, "leavetime":1713, "creepkills":90, "firstblood":0, "leftreason":"has left the game voluntarily", "towerkills":2, "creepdenies":3, "neutralkills":1 } While we got rid of some columns that are not required anymore, we also have a whole player with all information, which is easy to extend, adding new information to a player would no longer require to change the database structure. The entries in the old tables can be removed after the transformation. So far, I found only one issue across the system. Players would be no longer trackable, especially by ip, as I have found a solution for that already, I will create a new blog entry for that to explain details and database structures. The whole system will be fully implemented with IPS-Stats 1.2. Greetings, Grief
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    As there is no reply since sunday I assume all issues are resolved. Closed.
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    This is for the gproxydll only, it is not required on the bot.
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    Version 0.0.8b


    The official page for the provided file is here: http://www.mymgn.com/gproxy/ Advantages Gproxy DLL works over Battle.net. It does not require any cd-keys. Works as a Warcraft III auto-loading plugin, no need to run a separate program. Single file, very small size, no external dependencies, easy to install. Supports Warcraft III patches,,, and probably future versions. Supports both Varlock's GProxy protocol and h3rmit's GProxy Extended protocol for bots that support it. Provides auto-spoofcheck, easy-to-use ignore commands and game start notification. Features Auto-Reconnect GProxy reconnects you automatically to the game that you were disconnected from, as soon as your internet connection is restored, up to 5 minutes later. Auto-spoofcheck GProxy spoofchecks you automatically when you enter a game. Game start notification When your game starts, GProxy restores the window of Warcraft III, if it had previously been minimized. Ignore whispers the easy way Tired of getting annoying whispers? GProxy makes the squelch commands in Battle.net smarter, and adds shorthand aliases so that you can easily ignore anyone bothering you. /i or /ignore Ignores the last player who has whispered to you. Also works by typing /s or /squelch /i partial_name Ignores a player who has whispered you and has a name containing the text you entered. E.g.: If a player with a long or hard to read name like I1lL1lll1I1I1II has whispered you, you can ignore them by just typing: /i L1 /ui or /unignore Unignores the last player you have ignored.You can repeat the command to unignore the previous player you have ignored, and then the one before that, etc. Also works by typing /us or /unsquelch /ui partial_name Unignores a player you had previously ignored and his name contains the text you entered. E.g.: If you had previously ignored a player I1lL1lll1I1I1II, you can unignore them by typing: /ui L1
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    I've added a new theme which is dark. However, I need to adjust some parts. Will do that tomorrow I think. You can switch it on the bottom, there is a "Theme" dropdown. It is the Oblivion theme. Greetings, Grief
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    Sure I can do that Will do tomorrow I guess. Greetings
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    This will be fixed very soon. I'm finally aware what is causing these missing tables. However, you will need to clean install the application. As the database is optionally, you will not loose any data until that. The patch is comming later today. Greetings
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    Hey, I will add a setting to define the replay link this weekend. The insert of a game twice into the stats script will be fixed soon, I plan to fully move the stats calculation to the statspage and get rid of this script. Will be added in IPS Stats 1.2. Thanks for reporting, Grief
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    What do you need to add for Garena work? 1. Need add Realm: https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefNetwork-Bot/blob/master/game_base.cpp#L5566 else if( JoinedRealm.empty() ) JoinedRealm = "Garena"; What else? Does not work SpoofCheck. https://github.com/Grief-Code/GriefNetwork-Bot/blob/master/game_base.cpp#L611 ?
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    No it is not ready yet: I'm currently unsure if the game overlay will be even included into the IPS-Stats 1.2. I will decide that after I have finished up the sprint. Greetings