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  • Gproxy DLL works over It does not require any cd-keys.
  • Works as a Warcraft III auto-loading plugin, no need to run a separate program.
  • Single file, very small size, no external dependencies, easy to install.
  • Supports Warcraft III patches,,, and probably future versions.
  • Supports both Varlock's GProxy protocol and h3rmit's GProxy Extended protocol for bots that support it.
  • Provides auto-spoofcheck, easy-to-use ignore commands and game start notification.




GProxy reconnects you automatically to the game that you were disconnected from, as soon as your internet connection is restored, up to 5 minutes later.


GProxy spoofchecks you automatically when you enter a game.

Game start notification

When your game starts, GProxy restores the window of Warcraft III, if it had previously been minimized.

Ignore whispers the easy way

Tired of getting annoying whispers? GProxy makes the squelch commands in smarter, and adds shorthand aliases so that you can easily ignore anyone bothering you.

  • /i or /ignore

    Ignores the last player who has whispered to you. 
    Also works by typing /s or /squelch

  • /i partial_name

    Ignores a player who has whispered you and has a name containing the text you entered. 

    E.g.: If a player with a long or hard to read name like I1lL1lll1I1I1II has whispered you, you can ignore them by just typing:
    /i L1

  • /ui or /unignore

    Unignores the last player you have ignored.You can repeat the command to unignore the previous player you have ignored, and then the one before that, etc. 
    Also works by typing /us or /unsquelch

  • /ui partial_name

    Unignores a player you had previously ignored and his name contains the text you entered. 

    E.g.: If you had previously ignored a player I1lL1lll1I1I1II, you can unignore them by typing:
    /ui L1



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